MVU Clubs: Beyond the Bell Improves on the Crossroads Afterschool Program

Exciting changes are here at MVU Clubs as we unveil our new identity: MVU Clubs - Beyond the Bell! We're taking our old philosophies to new heights and enriching students' lives with diverse club options. Our expanded offerings cater to various interests, from Agriculture and Homesteading to Board Games (Magic and D&D), Cooking, Hunter Education, Art, and more. Explore our wide range of clubs today!
Creating Clubs, Fostering Pride
We want our students to take charge of their interests and passions, which is why we encourage them to create their own clubs. This empowers them to bring their unique hobbies and talents into the After School space, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in this amazing community.
Do have any questions regarding our clubs? Feel free to reach out to the new MVU After School Coordinator at [email protected]