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Our mission is to promote and support safe and healthy choices,

best practice driving skills, positive habits and attitudes, and respect for roadway users. All students become competent, caring,

productive, and responsible lifetime learners.


Notice From The state Concerning Driver Education

Some teachers and parents have reached out to the Agency of Education and the Department of Motor Vehicles with concerns about an online driver education course that students/families are paying for in order to receive a certificate of completion. Unfortunately the online course is not an approved driver education course with the Agency of Education or the Department of Motor Vehicles. The site, which appears to suggest their program is compatible with Vermont standards, does indicate on their FAQ page that, “this course does not satisfy the Vermont driver's education option for new drivers under 18 years old,” and that, “The Vermont legislature has not yet authorized online drivers education. Students may take the course for an auto insurance discount or for their own educational purposes, but if they are required to take driver's education because of their age, they will not get any credit for this course at the DMV. It does not substitute for an AOE or DMV approved course of study.”
Those students who have already taken this online course thinking it would satisfy DMV requirements should be advised to take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee if possible.

Driver Education Links

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  • Third Party Road Testing - What to do Next

VT Learners Permit





Gr. 10-12 - 1 period classroom/+driving hours - 1 semester, ½ credit

​Prerequisites: Valid Vermont Learner’s Permit, Attend a “Parent/Guardian & Student Night” - (approximately 1 week before class starts)

Requirements: 30 Classroom hours, 6 hours behind ­the­ wheel. Passing grade: 70 Average, or better Driving Log sheet ­ At home driving time must be available

Enrollment: Counselors will enroll students for Driver Education

with the following priority:

1. Students entering 12th grade 

2. Students entering 11th grade 

3. Students entering 10th Grade  (­As space allows)

Please note that all students MUST have a copy of their permit on file with Guidance by the DEADLINE to be eligible for the next semester.

 Even though many students get their Learner Permit when they turn 15, that does not automatically guarantee them a seat in the class. They are encouraged to see the Guidance Office, to be placed on the enrollment list, when they get their permit. Students may be enrolled, as space allows, based upon their date of birth, permit issue date, and availability in their academic schedule.

Attendance Policy:

 Attendance is very important for this class and a student may be dropped from the class if they cannot meet

this requirement. Students are allowed 5 absences from class and are ONLY excused for school related field trips,

athletic events, school activities, or COVID related absences. After 5 absences these will still be required to

make up in T-Bird time or after school to complete the class. 

Road Testing Info- 3rd Party w/Instructor

I am a certified 3rd Party Tester for the DMV. If your child fails the test with me, I cannot re-test them.

IF the PASS I will give them a List of paperwork to schedule an apt at the DMV for their

PAPERWORK  in the mean time they CAN drive with the 90 Temporary Paper License,

while they wait for their other one to come in the Mail.



Application form to copy and bring to the DMV



Sign-Up & Pre-Registration takes place during the month of April & May

Students that want to take Driver Education for the Fall Semester 2019  MUST sign up in the Guidance Office

and show proof of a valid Vermont Learner’s Permit before (June 1st). Students should see their

Guidance Counselor in the Guidance Office as soon as possible, if they haven’t already done so.