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PHYSICAL EDUCATION  Semester 1,  Semester 2   -  Gr. 9-12   -  ½ credit each

PE Interscholastic Athletics Gr. 9-12 Students who participate in interscholastic athletics at Missisquoi Valley UHS or another VPA member school may apply for credit towards graduation requirements in physical education.

1. A student must participate in two (2) sports seasons to become eligible for this credit opportunity, and may earn no       more than ½ credit for successful completion of these seasons.

2. A student must participate in the sports season for its entirety in order to receive credit. Receipt of a certificate from   the Athletic Department will constitute successful completion of the sports season. Students who do not complete a         season (leave or are suspended from the team, cut from the team, or become academically ineligible) may not use that sports season for credit. This will be documented by the Director of Athletics.

3. The use of this credit option must be completed before starting a student’s senior year of school.


4. The interscholastic athletics credit option for physical education will appear as a “P” on the student’s transcript, and will not be counted as part of a student’s grade point average (GPA).


5. This credit option in physical education must be approved by both the Guidance Department and the Administration.